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Bless Garba

Are you a small business owner? Are you a civil servant who wants to transition into running a side business? Are you confused about how to grow a profiting business?

Download my entrepreneurial diagnostic template to know if you are fit to be an entrepreneur

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What you are losing if I’m not guiding you

What difference will it make to you and your business if you are privileged to be guided by one who has spent some years in the private sector, over a decade in the civil service sector, years in network marketing and years as a business person?

Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity at all cost? Now, that is what you may be loosing if you don’t take a step, to be guided by the smart business coach.

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What I Offer?

Programs, classes, mentoring, and offers

Smart business diagnosis

Are you struggling to grow your business? Let me help you fix the oversight

One-on-one coaching

Do you desire to grow and double your earning in 60 days? Let me holdl lyou by the hand to achieve this

Group mentoring

Are you a civil servant who wants to transition into having a business as a side gig? Let me mentor you

What People Are Saying

Testimonies, aha moments and feedback

“I am yet to recover from the multiple aha moments I got sitting and learning from you.”
Bulus K
Civil servant
You have a large heart, pouring your all to make others better. Its an honour connecting and learning from you

Mr Ognonna
Your easy to apply approaches, set-by-step template and your peculiar perspective about running and growing a longterm business is worthy of replicating.

Clara P
Make up artist

New Book!Secrets to rebuilding your personal economy

An easy-to-digest guide to financial freedom

Are you a civil servant? What happens if you loose your job today? What will happen to you and your children if you are not paid for 3 months? Some experiences are better not experienced. Let me help you prepare against dependence on a paycheck

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